Quality Menu Covers – What’s the Secret?

The quality of a restaurant menu cover is determined by the manufacturing process and materials used. Understanding these processes and types or quality of materials will assist in choosing a quality menu cover. 

One of the most popular menu covers is a clear vinyl cover with binding sewn around the edge and metal corners, known as the Cafe Cover. There are two basic ingredients that go into making quality menu covers; the manufacturing processes or construction of the menu cover and the materials used. Knowledge and experience tell a manufacturer which materials and processes will produce the best and most durable covers. This article will discuss the various materials and processes used in manufacturing, as well as their advantages and disadvantages to explain what makes quality restaurant Cafe Menu Covers

The quality and durability of the Cafe Cover will be reflected in the price as the materials used will play an important role. The clear vinyl must be flexible enough not to crack and the formulation must be such that it will not yellow or lift laser or ink jet printing. Also important is the gauge of the vinyl, in other words the thickness, which will add to the quality and life of the menu cover. Clear vinyl may also be used in other styles of restaurant menu covers, such as leatherette or faux leather menu covers, in the form of clear pockets for leatherette covers.

Another important issue often overlooked is the quality of the thread used in any type of sewn menu cover. Inexpensive and most imported menu covers use cotton thread, which in time disintegrates. This disintegration is increased by cleaning chemicals and moisture and is one of the main causes of the thread to unravel. Top quality nylon thread, which costs a few cents more per cover, will last for many years. Some companies will tout double stitching of their Cafe Covers however, more is not always better. Double stitching puts more holes in the vinyl compromising its’ integrity. Greater durability can be achieved by using quality materials sewn with lock stitching and care taken while applying good quality metal corners.

Cafe Cover binding materials can be nylon, a strong and durable material which is the reason it is used for outdoor equipment and parachutes, or a vinyl coated fabric called supported vinyl.  Supported vinyl is strengthened by the fibers of the fabric backing to resist splitting and cracking. Again, the formulation of the vinyl or plastic should contain enough plasticizers to make it soft and flexible enough not split or crack from the bending and folding of menu covers. Both are equally durable materials for menu covers.

In conclusion; strong, durable, quality materials along with the right manufacturing processes will create the best and most durable Cafe Covers. As with most anything the old saying applies, “You get what you pay for.” Quality menu covers will cost a bit more, however, they are more durable and will out last inexpensive covers made with lesser quality materials thus making quality menu covers a better and more cost effective investment.

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