Bonded Leather Wine List Covers & Books

Monterey bonded Leather Wine List Covers / Books

Monterey Bonded Leather Wine List Covers

Bonded Leather Wine List Covers and Book offer the elegance of fine leather at a fraction of the cost. Leather Wine List Covers and Books are made in the USA using Bonded Leather which is a man-made using 95% + real leather fibers and bound to produce the look, feel and aroma of genuine leather. Bonded Leather Wine Menu Holders are just as strong as covers made from thicker animal skins and just as easy to keep clean, but without the maintenance of keeping the leather skin from drying out and cracking.

Our Leather Wine List Covers and Wine Menu Books are turned edge construction with a standard screw post channel or available with a 3-ring mechanism option and offered in padded or non-padded styles. “Wine List” foil stamped in the lower right hand corner of wine list covers is included in the price, or add custom decoration with your restaurant logo. Bonded Leather Wine Covers match our Del Mar Bonded Leather Menu Covers.

  • Screw Post Channel: Standard, Holds up to 14 pages, standard 3-hole punch
  • Optional Ring Mechanism: Three ring mechanisms are available in 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ rings. Choice of ring mechanism color, nickle or black. Add $4.50 each.
  • Leather Wine Menu Cover – Double: Holds two insert pages
  • Additional Sizes and Configurations: Available, consult customer service
  • Leather Wine List Covers Colors: Black, Burgundy, Navy, Dark Green and British Tan (See color chart below)
  • Padded or Non-Padded Styles available at no extra charge.
  • Upgrades: Wine Books and Wine List Covers are available with many upgrades and custom sizes or to match our Restaurant Menu Covers. Consult customer service for options
  • Decoration: “Wine List” foil stamped (choice of color) in the lower RH corner of Leather Wine List Covers included with the No Deco price.
  • Font Options for “Wine List”: Click here
  • Custom decoration: requires a $65.00 set up charge for all quantities. (A die charge of $49.00 is required unless there is an existing die.)
  • Click for Foil Color Chart
  • Minimum order quantity of 15

Leather Wine List Covers Sizes
based on insert page size

Price Each $ USD

Insert Size

Item No.

No Deco

Custom Decoration

Double (holds two insert pages)

4¼” x 11″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

8½” x 11″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

Book Style Screw Post (holds up to 14 insert pages)

5½” x 8½”



Add 85.00 per lot Price

4¼” x 11″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

8½” x 11″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

4¼” x 14″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

8½” x 14″



Add 85.00 per lot Price

configurations for restaurant Leather Wine List Covers | Wine Menu Books

Bonded Leather Wine List Covers Material Colors

Material Colors for Bonded Leather Wine List Covers and Leather wine menu books

Black           Burgundy            Navy               Green         British Tan

Click for Lining Material Choices